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A studio for
durable design.

We design your digital products and help shape all processes for a user centric organization. This involves user research, UX design, product decision making, understanding your business and a good amount of people skills.


Screenshot of the Flexmail application contact dashboard.


We guided this e-mail marketing tool into a new century, from product vision to finding the right sailors.

Two screenshots of the Sweepbright mobile application.


We sparked the first concepts of this start-up based on the hours we spent in a real estate brokers car.

Screenshot of the teamleader application dashboard.


We dove into the way agencies and construction companies organise their metaphorical shipyards. Hint: they work very hard.

2 screenshots of the Liantis intranet.


We merged all 23 client tools from three intranets into one consistent way of working. To get to that point we card-sorted with entrepreneurs and their accountants.

Schoolonline logo.


We researched how student care is done in primary schools and how software could support that.

4 persons holding various cards with OSOC graphics and smiling.

Open Summer of Code & Hack your future

We coached students and refugees to a higher level of open data product design. We even hired some of them along the way.

4 persons sitting on black rocks at the beach.

Sail with us!

We believe that software design is a continuous process of matching the needs of your users with your business goals and engineering roadmap. And no, that is never a smooth sail, but we are always on your side.

If you’re bobbing around in client requests, prioritization and interface patterns, let us know. We’ll come and save your soul!

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And be prepared for endless puns.