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Dive into our view on product design and - management.
All based on research and personal experiences.

A kid made a mess

Hypotheses: the design nursery

As good designers we all know that everything starts with understanding our users. But sometimes we are already having discussions with clients, drawing things and checking out competitors.

A women confused in front of a laptop

How usability lets your users engage more

Whether you are selling toys to new parents online through a webshop or providing your employees with a platform to manage customers’ financial data, your digital solution will sabotage your company if it is not user-friendly.

A carpenter working on this laptop

The oak table

I want you to imagine a large massive oak table that has been passed on to you by your grandparents. It is robust and serves its purpose well: supporting food and enabling social contact.

3 persons at the beach holding a shovel.

Let's go Smooth Sailing

It has been 5 years already since I went my own way, head-first into design research. I was a bit scared, naturally, but I was also really eager to be my own boss.

Person wearing a Nirvana t-shirt.

Time for software design to grow up

The value of software design is greater than having good looking interfaces and frictionless flows. Good design creates an impact on the long-term behaviour of people and therefore it impacts the world we live in.

2 women discussing and making hand gestures.

A designer’s guide to talking with users

Qualitative research is the basis of a solid digital product that people can relate to. This is why I wrote a blog post or two (in Dutch) about how important it is to involve users in your design research.

Train track going into a tunnel.

Never ask a designer to build a bridge

Have you ever worked on a project where something looks off and it’s easy to adjust, but your designer says no? If the designer would just make this simple change, but still no!

4 persons sitting on black rocks at the beach.

Sail with us!

We believe that software design is a continuous process of matching the needs of your users with your business goals and engineering roadmap. And no, that is never a smooth sail, but we are always on your side.

If you’re bobbing around in client requests, prioritization and interface patterns, let us know. We’ll come and save your soul!

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